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How to Prevent Premature Aging

Posted on July 9 2013

We ar in our 30s which is that the new 20s, and that i suppose we tend to ar pretty smart at wanting that age if we tend to ar careful and watch out of ourselves.


Lower Your Stress

We ar girls. There's lots which will stress United States of America out. Family, job, finances, etc, etc. sadly, stress is that the main explanation for wrinkles and grey hair. that successively will cause you to look lots older than we tend to ar. The scientific reason that happens are some things known as telomeres. they're small strips of genetic material at the top of our cells.When they ar shortened and diluted it makes United States of America look older.


One way to stay United States of America wanting young, and lengthen your telomeres is with simply ten minutes every day. Doing a 10-minute daily burst of activity like quick recreation, ascent stairs, briskly walking, jump rope, something that gets your heart pumping. Anything, even briefly spurts are well-tried to lower stress and successively, facilitate stop premature aging.


Another way to elongate telomeres is to require a daily multivitamin pill. girls United Nations agency have taken this nourishment have longer telomeres and studies have shown they give the impression of being biologically ten years younger than girls United Nations agency do not take them! Get poppin' those vitamins!

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