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How to Take Care of Rebonded Hair

Posted on August 28 2013

I love to use natural things to urge natural and exquisite look, i actually don’t wish to use artificial things, however what if you get a glance alittle faster, for extended time of amount and alittle easier, then i feel there's no hurt to convey it a strive, if i used to be born with permed hair and that i admire long silken straight hair, while not mistreatment all of these home remedies and home-cured shampoos and conditioner then i assume I will do that for a short while, Rebonded could be a terribly simple and also the sturdy thanks to get desired reasonably hair.

This is a really easy means within which, we will use chemical to cool down the curls and create hair straight for extended time of periods and this can be not solely terribly effective for large and unmanageable hair, however it work for extended time of periods, however since we tend to use chemicals within the procedure, thus we tend to do have to be compelled to when|take care of} our hair and that we have to be compelled to use medical care and that we area unit aiming to share some easy tips to appear after your Rebonded Hair.

Here area unit some easy tips to appear when your rebonded hair: initial of all you wish to be terribly careful fro next 3 days; you must not wet your hair for 3 days when the procedure to let the chemicals feed in and settle and for that we'd like to stay your hair safe and tie.

Once your hair is completed, you wish to stay it straight, don’t tie it or push it back or use hair pins or bands, you wish to stay your hair in an exceedingly state wherever it acquires a form.

When you sleep, make certain your hair is straight, you'll comb them straight and lie on your hair, I bet you don’t need to get up to weird formed hair, thus keep your hair straight and sleek.

Once your feel through with your hair, like 3, four day wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and keep conditioner in your hair for extended time of periods.

Since you have got already used an excessive amount of on your hair, strive to not use any reasonably heating tools on your hair for a short while and keep a watch on the ointment and body fluid application, you have got terribly fragile hair currently and you wish to convey them further care.

Get regular trimming and touching of your hair for next six month and you'd be able to carry the design even longer.

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